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We're always looking for some new faces to join our growing brewery.   Send an email to and tell us why you like craft beer and want to work at the Brew Lab! 

Amy Ettinger, Assistant Brewer & Sale/Mktg Manager

Employee #1!

Chris Murphy, Mug Club #1

​​​​​​​​​​​​​ON TAP & GROWLERS/CANS TO GO:

Mosaic Nug Lugger (cans)      Pt78 Blonde Ale      Cosmic Siesta IPA (cans)

Bramble Blackberry Sour (cans)           Empirical Evidence Imp. IPA (cans)

Stout        DDH Turbidity Lucidity IPA (cans)       Saison      





Peter Cowles, Founder/CEO/Chief Beer Scientist

At the Aspetuck Brew Lab, there is no shortage of excellent, award-winning beers. With 17 years of amateur brewing experience, founder and chief beer scientist Peter Cowles has racked up medals in some of the most prestigious and competitive brewing competitions in the US. A student of the style guidelines, Cowles has won medals with over 40 different styles of beer, mead and cider. Accomplishments include 15 medals from the NHC first and second round competitions and numerous Masters Championship qualifiers, including a gold medal in the 2013 finals for his BarleyHopper barleywine. His black IPA was selected as Best-in-Show in 2011 by the Heartland Brewing Company, resulting in a commercial brewing collaboration, and Sir Blackheart flowed from the taps of three of Heartland's New York City restaurants for a month. Along with 25+ years of marketing and business strategy experience and an MBA from The Stern School at NYU, he brings a creativity and energy to the Lab that will result in some  of the most creative, flavorful and well-made beers available. Anywhere!

Tara Kasaks Cowles, Founder

Aspetuck Brew Lab is a family run brewery. Tara was introduced to craft beer by Pete about 20 years ago when trips to Vermont often included stops at Magic Hat and later The Alchemist.  Vacations always included visits to local breweries and conversations about the beer, the people, and the atmosphere.  After a marketing career in New York City and Boston and about ten years at a local non-profit, she and Pete decided to stop talking about opening a brewery and start doing...  You'll often see Tara running in and out of the taproom, planning events, delivering kegs, and doing paperwork!